Family Day Trip to Dumbo

Family Day Trip to Dumbo

Its nearly the end of February and the weather doesn’t seem to be letting up at all. With snow predicted again today, we decided to brave the cold and adventure a little further out of Manhattan. We’d been told that Dumbo was a fun place to visit (perhaps on a slightly warmer day) but a little bit of cold wasn’t going to put us off leaving our apartment so we bundled up and headed out.

We walked South of the City, through the beautiful cobbled streets of the West Village and then via China Town. We had completely forgotten it was Chinese New Year, and the streets were packed full of tourists and locals all looking for somewhere to eat and enjoy the festivities.

The walk over the Manhattan Bridge was a long (and windy!) one, but little man was happy to take in the views of the City as he toddled along. We knew this would be a good opportunity to let him run free, out of the way of the crowds of people and cars that congest the city and he loved watching the trains go by and waving at anybody that passed us as we made our way  into Dumbo.

Once over the bridge, we looked for the nearest place we could find that served food (and wine) and found a funky little bar/restaurant called Superfine. We warmed up with a hot toddy and some Malbec before ordering from the menu and the staff were really friendly and very accommodating of little mans allergies which made things even easier.

They also provided us with a high chair, which in this City can be a bit of a rarity. The one and only time we had to sit down for a meal without a high chair proved disastrous, with one parent trying to hoover down their meal whilst the other ran round after our energetic child hoping he wouldn’t grab anything dangerous and fling it across the room. Needless to say, we didn’t attempt that again.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have a baby changing facility, but offered us a bench by the pool table to use – again this is something you become used to, seeing nannies and parents changing their children out in the open. We opted to squeeze ourself into the single toilet and use his buggy as a change table – i know! but you have to be inventive when it comes to changing babies nappies in this town!

After our meal and baby changing antics, we walked towards the river and found ourselves in front of a beautiful merry-go-round encased in a giant glass box. We had arrived at Jane’s Carousel. This antique merry-go-round was built in 1922 and has been a tourist spot for many over the years because of the stunning views of the Manhattan Skyline. We bought our bargain $2 ticket and when our turn finally came, we picked our horse and waited for the ride to start. The bell sounded and we started to whizz round, little man waving and shouting at everyone in excitement. It was lovely to see him so happy.

By the time we had left, it was getting late so we took one last stroll (and selfie) before heading back, just in time to see the first snowflakes falling over the City.

It was so nice to escape the manic of Manhattan for the day and we had a great time exploring Dumbo. We look forward to seeing more of NY very soon and of course making more memories as a family.

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