My Top 5 Tips on How to help a Baby with Silent Reflux

My Top 5 Tips on How to help a Baby with Silent Reflux

When we realised our son had Silent Reflux he was nearly 5 months old, its been a long journey but now at 21 months we are nearly at the end. You can find the full story HERE, but in this particular post i’m going to talk about some of the things that we did to help make our son comfortable during those first few months.


My top 5 tips on how to help a baby with silent reflux

5 Tips on helping a baby with silent reflux


  • Look out for the signs. There are various symptoms associated with silent reflux, the most common are:
    • Arching of back after feeds,
    • screaming rather than crying,
    • pulling away from the breast/bottle even when they seem hungry,
    • hiccuping a lot,
    • not sleeping well,
    • getting upset when placed on their back,
    • sleeping better when sat upright,
    • sour smelling burps,
    • sour smelling breath,
    • they gag a lot
    • hoarseness in their voice.


  • Feed a little at a time. Its common for reflux babies to gulp and take down a lot of air when they drink. This just adds to the pain of the food coming back up. Feeding slowly and in short bursts, and burping them in between should provide some relief and limit the amount of milk that flows back up.


  • Keep baby upright as much as possible. This lessens the chance of food coming back up the oesophagus. We had a Baby Bjorn bouncer that my son grew to love.  We would also place a couple of books or a wedge at the head of his cot/crib to tilt it slightly, so he wouldn’t be completely flat.


  • Try eliminating dairy. Silent Reflux and cmpi (cows milk protein allergy) often go hand in hand so it may be useful to remove this food group from your diet if you are breastfeeding and seeing if there is any difference in your babies symptoms. Keep a food diary and note down what you have eliminated, how long for and the results. If you are formula feeding you could try goats milk as a start or see if you can get a non dairy formula prescribed by your GP such as Neocate.


  • If you are bottle feeding, try one with a vent system. I highly recommend Dr Browns bottles, as they are excellent at preventing air being taken down when swallowing. We tried so many and we found these were the ones that worked the best. There are a few more parts to them than a normal bottle which can be a bit of a pain when cleaning them, but totally worth it in my mind.

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  • Hi Liza. I love your blog. I read all your articles when our baby was about 3 weeks old and we thought he had silent reflux. It was really moving to hear about your families journey. Although our sons reflux was milder than Leo’s it was so helpful to hear from someone else who had experienced it, it really helped us when we talking to doctors to have read your blog. We also started using Dr Brown’s bottles on your advice and they helped massively. Thanks so much

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