Speakeasy Fun in New York

Speakeasy Fun in New York

One of the places i wanted to experience when moving over to New York was a Speakeasy, so when i was invited to a friends birthday last month, i was excited to find out she would be holding it in one on the Upper East side.

I’d heard a lot about these secret bars dotted around the City, through coffee shops, phone booths or in this case through an ice cream parlour. The idea of entering one through a secret entrance was intriguing so i couldn’t wait to go.

As i walked into the store, it looked just like a normal scoop shop, which it was. There were customers ordering their ice creams to the right of me and straight ahead a smartly dressed lady stood by the edge of the counter. I assumed she was the person i needed to give the secret phrase to ” I would like to see your store room” she nodded her head and then asked me to locate a switch somewhere on the wall which would open up the secret door.

Before i had a chance, the wall of ice cream tubs was pushed open and i was invited in by the host.

I was taken through the secret door, straight into a room filled with luxurious decor, dimmed lighting and balloons sprawled across the ceiling. It was a huge contrast to the bright lights of the ice cream parlour just outside.

We were handed a couple of menus filled with an extensive cocktail list. They all had a rating next to them that showed how strong each drink was so i tried to pick one that didn’t look too lethal.

When the drinks came out, we weren’t disappointed. Some were filled with ice cream and others came in cigar shaped boxes with chocolate cigars inside. Mine was a mix of tropical colours and before it was handed to me, the server lit up what looked like a wafer poking out of the glass that slowly melted away into my drink, it was delicious!

It was a lovely evening, filled with laughter, great conversation and lots of cocktails. And of course, no trip to an ice cream parlour could be without a large order of ice cream straight to our table, heaven!

Before i left, i couldn’t resist taking one final picture of the ladies toilets, which was also very much in keeping with the theme!

I really enjoyed my first Speakeasy experience and look forward to drinking my way through many more. If you fancy visiting the UES you can find them at 1707 2nd Avenue.

Just remember to ask to see their ‘Storage Room’ if you want to see whats on the other side of that secret door.

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